3 Steps To Getting A Free
Customer Appreciation Card (CAC)

1. To qualify, spend at least $10 at any Botak outlet and ask our staff for a Customer Appreciation Card.

2. We'll load CAC points from your first purchase on you Card instantly. Every $10 earns 10 points. Or pay by your ez-Link Card and earn 10 points for every $9 spent.

3. Register your Card online and enjoy *10 extra points loaded onto your Card.

Yeah... it's free! Every $10 purchase earns you 10 points. Redeem $5 off your bill with every 50 points accrued. CAC holders are also instantly considered as Members.
The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) should cover everything you need to know about our new Botak CAC Program:

1. What is this Botak CAC Program about?
The new Botak Customer Appreciation Card or Botak CAC as we like to call it, is our way of showing appreciation to our regular customers for dining with us. Each Botak Customer Appreciation Card (CAC) simply accumulates points every time you make a minimum $10-purchase at Botak Jones or Botak’s Favorites (Halal) Outlets.

2. Who is this Botak CAC issued by?
BJ Food Pte Ltd, the owner and operators of Botak Jones & Botak’s Favorites (Halal), is the issuer of the Botak CAC.

3. How does new this Magnetic Swipe Botak CAC Program differ from the Botak CAC Program we previously had utilizing paper cards where ‘Botak Heads’ were chopped on cards for every $10 spent?
In many ways, the new program is very similar except all Botak CAC points are stored electronically in a server, allowing our management to better account for and efficiently manage the new Botak CAC program.

4. How do I apply for a Botak CAC? Is it free?
Simply visit any Botak Jones or Botak’s Favorites (Halal) outlet and spend a minimum of $10 on one receipt. Ask for a Botak CAC from our cashier. All we need is your NRIC or FIN number to link you to your own serialized Botak CAC. A brand new Botak CAC will be issued on the spot and your first set of points will be awarded to you according to your purchase value. eg. $24 spent will earn you *20 Botak CAC points. It takes just 15 seconds to issue a Botak CAC on the spot and yes, it’s FREE. (*refer to FAQ #8)

5. Do I need to register the card?
You are not obliged to register the Botak CAC online as we respect your privacy and desire for annonymity. But registering the Botak CAC in a few steps online has many benefits over NOT doing so.

6. What are the benefits of registering my Botak CAC?
Firstly, if your card is ever lost, stolen or damaged, we’d be able to void that card and issue a new one (for a nominal admin fee of $10). More importantly, we can transfer all your Botak CAC points accrued up till that moment to the new Botak CAC.

Also, registering will allow us to keep you informed of other Botak CAC benefits and privileges.

When you register your Botak CAC online, we’ll also top up a ‘one-time only’ additional 10 points which will show up the next time you swipe your card at any outlet.

7. Will we share your personal information with other 3rd parties?
Certainly not! We value your patronage and trust in us. Your personal information will not be shared, sold or traded in any way. All your information is stored securely and safely at all times. We will reach out to you with special promos and offers as Botak CAC holders but that’s as far as we’ll go.

8. How are Botak CAC points awarded?
• Every $10 spent earns you 10 points. (eg. $10 = 10 points, $20 = 20 points).
• Points are issued in multiples of 10 and are rounded down.
• If you pay for your purchase with your ez-Link Card, every $9 earns you 10 points
• (eg. $9 = 10 points, $18 = 20 points). Points are issued in multiples of 10 and are rounded down.

9. What can I redeem with my accumulated points?
Good news!!  As of 1 March 2013, we are spicing up our CAC Programme with better benefits and a simpler system!  Every 50 points earned allows you to redeem $5 off your bill.

10. What is the minimum number of Botak CAC Redemption Points needed to do a redemption?
The minimum number of Botak CAC Redemption Points needed is 50 points.  You can accumulate your points and redeem in multiples of 50 points.  Unredeemed points will be left on your card for future accumulation and redemption.  Eg. You have 70 points and redeem 50 points.  Balance on your card is 20 points.

11. What’s the difference between the Green and Blue Botak CAC?
The only difference is the Green Botak CAC is issued by Botak’s Favorites (Halal) outlets while the Blue Botak CAC is issued by Botak Jones (non-Halal) outlets. Both the Green and Blue CACs may be cross utilized at either Halal or non-Halal outlets accumulating points regardless of the card colour.

12. How long is the Botak CAC vaild for?
Each Botak CAC is vaild for 2 years from date of issue. It expires automatically after exactly 2 years. You may have your card nenewed at any Botak Jones or Botak’s Favorites outlet.

13. What happens to expired points?
Expired points cannot be rolled over so do remember to come dine with us frequently and check on your outstanding points.

14. Can I check my Botak CAC points online?
Yes you can. Just visit this link. Click Here. Simply key in your Card Number and your points can be checked in real time.

15. Can I earn points if I do not have my Botak CAC with me when making payment?
You cannot earn points should you fail to bring your Botak CAC with you to any Botak Jones or Botak’s Favorites (Halal) outlet. Receipts presented on a later date to earn points will not be honoured. However, if the cashier is unable to credit points earned to your account at point of purchase due to system malfunction, do ensure the cashier chops an outlet stamp on your receipt and indicates that these points will be credited to your account on your next visit to that same outlet.

16. Can I redeem my points if I do not have my Botak CAC with me?
You cannot redeem your points should you fail to bring your Botak CAC with you to any Botak Jones or Botak’s Favorites (Halal) outlet as the Botak CAC is like a key that allows the redemption of points.

17. Can I earn Botak CAC points for takeaway items and also when purchasing promotional items?
Yes, Botak CAC points can be earned for takeaway purchases. All promotional items also earn you Botak CAC points. You still earn Botak CAC points with a minimum $10-spend.

18. What should I do if I lose, accidentally damage or misplace my Botak CAC?
You need to email us right away at providing us with your Name, NRIC / FIN Number, Contact Number and instructions to process a replacement Botak CAC ($10 admin fee applies). Once a Botak CAC has been voided, it will be unusable even if you locate it at a later date.

19. Are there any restrictions on use of the Botak CAC?
The Botak CAC is not valid at independently run Franchised Botak Restaurants owned and operated by other Companies. The Botak CAC is only valid for use in Singapore. Botak CAC points may not be exchanged for cash, kind or transferred to other parties in any way.

20. How can I check what’s available for Redemption with my available Botak CAC points?
Each Botak Jones or Botak’s Favorites (Halal) outlet has a list of available Redemption items listed right next to the Cashier. You can also go to for a list of available Redemption items.

21. Will the Redemption items change from time to time?
We reserve the right to change Redemption items as deemed necessary and may also introduce other redemption items later.

22. Is the Botak CAC transferable? Can I lend it to someone else to use it to accumulate or redeem Botak CAC points?
The Botak CAC is NOT transferable. You could but the whole idea is to accumulate points for yourself. Your friends and family can apply for their own cards as they’re free anyway. The whole idea is to reward you personally for dining regularly at our outlets.

23. Can I own multiple Cards and have all the points accumulating to one NRIC or FIN Number?
No. The NRIC is just a reference to track and tag your Card to each person. Multiple cards will be treated as separate Cards owned by separate individuals and your points will not be combined under any circumstance.

24. What are the terms and conditions for use of the Botak CAC?
The Terms and Conditions can be found at the back of the Botak CAC. For your convenience, the Terms and Conditions are printed here as well;

Terms & Conditions (As listed on the CAC)

• Benefits and privileges valid at all participating outlets listed at & (Halal).

• Card must be presented prior to payment and is non-transferable. Card
   may be used at either Botak Jones or Botak’s Favorites (Halal) outlets.

• BJ Food Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend privileges, terms, offers &
   conditions without prior notice. Refer to respective websites for prevailing

• Usage of this card is subject to existing terms and conditions and may be
   amended or withdrawn without prior notice at the sole discretion of BJ
   Food Pte Ltd.

• This card is the property of BJ Food Pte Ltd. If found, please return to:
   123 Defu Lane 10, #03-03/04, Singpore 539232, Tel: 6288 2949