BOTAK JONES® Catering Service offers a huge range of ideas and food items. Don’t feel tied down by prefabricated menus and manufactured food for your honored guests. Botak Jones treats every catering as a new way to show how easy it is to have really well made comfort foods made from the finest ingredients. We wouldn’t guarantee it otherwise

Simple steps to Botak Jones Catering

1. At least eight days prior to your event, contact BOTAK JONES® Catering Service at 62890225 or fax to 64876072 or email to

2. Answer a few questions about your gathering such as date, number of guests, budget, pretty normal information that will help us to give you quotations that meet your budget and satisfy your soul.

3. We’ll email or fax you a quotation with options for your gathering.

4. Let us know what you like or what you want to change, add, or delete about our ideas.

5. We’ll formulate a final menu for you.

6. Make a deposit at any BOTAK JONES® outlet to confirm your catering or send us a confirmation on company letterhead.

7. Relax and entertain your guests as we take care of the rest. Mr. Shaharin Koh has left Botak Jones Catering Services, please direct all enquiries to or call our catering line at 62890225.


We were catering for an important conference with several meals served throughout the day at different locations within a building. So we wanted the most professional, reliable, and fuss-free catering service we could get. Needless to say, we also wanted great food at reasonable prices. Botak Jones delighted us with all that. They sent a highly competent team of staff who took care of all the logistics on the event day. All meals were served on time and the switching of equipment from location to location was smoothly executed. Above all, our guests enjoyed their meals. We were therefore very pleased we chose the right caterer.

D Lewis Lim
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Nanyang Business School



On behalf of my organising committee, I would like to thank you and your staffs for your excellence service. You guys are very professional, in fact I think you are the best catering service that I had engaged so far. Patrick, thank you for taking the time to come down a few day before to work out the details and for going the extra mile by bringing your utensils down on Sunday.

The setup up is very nice and the foods are of great standard. Everyone I asked said that we did the right thing for engaging Botak Jones. Certainly looking forward to engaging your company again soon. Once again, great job.

PS: Bernie, you have a great team, it is no wonder Botak Jones rocks.

Jimmy Lim



The party went very well and all my guests enjoyed the great food. The sauteed shitake mushrooms was a hit and I love the lamb chop! I have been recommending Botak Jones outlets to friends and colleagues but after catering for the first time, I will definitely recommend to more people. Thanks for a great party!

Jay Fong



I think that the fried fish and BBQ chicken are great and tasty. The canepes are very yummy as they can be eaten in one mouthful. The original tartar sauce is also very unique and delicious. However the potato salad has a bit too many onions for my taste.




Yes, everyone at the party enjoyed the food. I would say that the whole catering experience from the enquiry, menu and price negotiation all the way to the actual delivery had been handled very professionally and very efficiently. Not only do you get top class food, you also get top class service at Botak Jones... Food portions are also generous, the quality of the food is fantastic. Perfect catering in every sense. Thanks for making my daughter's first birthday a wonderful experience for everyone...




My boss, my big boss and the other bosses loved the SJs and the grilled beef. Didn't have much leftovers for that day, unlike those occasions where we have the traditional catered food. The setup was also great, simple but presentable. Thumbs-up for BJ for the good food!! Will DEFINITELY look for BJ if there is another function.

P/S: A few of my teachers couldn't resist the wonderful smell and headed straight to the nearest outlet for dinner right after they finished school. *")

Chan Siew Hoon
Yew Tee Primary School



Thanks for the warm service that you have rendered us in the process of choosing the best menu to suit our budget. The food turned out great and we all had a good time munching on the delicacies! Good service !! Great Food !!

Yong Siong



Yes, we all enjoyed the food and the Australian Ribeye was the favourite. First on the list to be "SOLD OUT". The service was great and the set-up of the BBQ was very efficient and well-planned. Would definately utilize botak jones bbq services again.




It had been a pleasant time liaising with “Botak Jones Catering” for my house gathering event. I had only 17 guests on my invitation list but Botak Jones was not concerned about that but willingly customized a luncheon menu for me. The food arrived earlier than expected revealed their efficiency in providing excellent services to the customers. The dishes they selected were appealing and the taste was even more applaud able!

Thank you very much for all your effort, Botak Jones Catering.